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The Leftovers Foundation’s mission is to ensure that surplus good food gets to community members who need it, rather than ending up in landfills to rot.

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Rescue Food

Leftovers’ Rescue Food program makes sure surplus good food keeps moving to people who need it. Whether it’s driving a route to pick up and deliver food, or joining the team at the warehouse to break down large-scale donations into more manageable portions, the program empowers volunteers to connect food donors with service agencies distributing food to vulnerable community members.

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Leftovers App

Leftovers’ Rescue Food App is an easy way to take a lot of small actions that add up to a big impact. By downloading the app from the Apple Store or Google Play, volunteers can sign up for the Rescue Food or Home Harvest routes that work for their schedule. Since 2019, the app has empowered over 31,000 connections between food donors and service agencies in Alberta and Manitoba.

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Home Harvest

Home Harvest rescues and redirects excess food from backyard gardens and fruit trees, ensuring that fresh local produce doesn’t go to waste. From June through September, growers can request volunteer assistance at any stage in the harvest process, from picking to transport, making sure that the produce they can’t use will get to community organizations who are feeding neighbours in need.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Rescuing food can be as convenient as stopping off at a local business on your way home. Or challenge yourself to learn more about the city you live in with a route that’s out of your normal area! Either way, you’re getting good food to the people who need it most. Download the Rescue Food app from the Apple Store or through Google Play, and start your journey with Leftovers today!

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