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Kickstand is the go-to place for Alberta’s young people to have more good days. Kickstand is a province-wide collaboration committed to transforming how young people in Alberta access wholistic health and social services.

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Kickstand's integrated models puts young people at the centre of care and connects them to a variety of service providers in a single, recognizable physical and/or virtual location. It involves providing equitable access to innovative, co-created and accessible resources, tools, and services that are relevant and address the unique aspects of individuals 11 to 25 years old.

Same-Day Mental Health Counselling

Kickstand Connect is a free, virtual, confidential service for young people in Alberta. Know a young person feeling off-balance? Help them find balance & connect them with a Kickstand counsellor so they can leave with a plan to address what they’re going through..

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Lifeboat Family Skills

Trained family peers with lived experience have intentionally created these interactive workshops to respond to parents’ feelings of frustration and confusion while supporting loved ones (age 12-25) who struggle with their mental health. Based in science and delivered in a non-clinical way, this group walks through how the facilitators themselves learned to think differently about their family situations and introduce you to the skills that can help to feel less stressed and manage more effectively.

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Groups and Workshops for Young People

Kickstand Connect offers a range of groups and workshops – all you have to do is find the one that interests you. Our groups have expert facilitators who cover a wide range of topics and focus on learning, practising new skills, or both.

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The Mental Health Foundation is one of Kickstand’s key funding partners. They operate within communities across the province seeing where aid is needed, while also supporting the healthcare system, and take a systems approach towards transforming the delivery of mental health and addictions care.

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Give Amplify Connect Podcast

Listen to our Give Amplify Connect podcast episodes with team members from Kickstand and Mental Health Foundation.

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