We're on a mission to reinvest in our communities by supporting local charities and promoting their programs. Each quarter, we partner with a different charitable organization to help support and promote their vision, mission, and programs.

Since becoming a Foundation in 2022, we have been making an impact

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How we Contribute


We provide a financial donation to registered charities.

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We use our resources to promote awareness of featured organizations and their programs. This includes our website, social media channels and our podcast, Give Amplify Connect.

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We connect local charities with like-minded supporters for long-term success.

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Who We Collaborate With

Access to the Outdoors and Athletics

Sport and recreation have a positive impact on people’s lives. Athletics, especially outdoors improves our physical and mental health. WPW supports registered charities in Alberta that are on a mission to make outdoor recreational activities more accessible to all skill and ability levels.

Children and their Families

Supporting children and their families is incredibly important to all of us. We partner with registered Alberta charities that are on a mission to improve the lives of children facing a challenge and support their families through the process. We support organizations centred around health, education, and other key areas of child development and family life.

Women's Education and Leadership

We partner with registered charities on a mission to support women's empowerment through education and leadership. We value organizations that create safe spaces for women to diversify their skills, and receive training to advance to leadership roles and collectives where women can seek support.

Building a Legacy

The Wolfe Pack Warriors Foundation represents the philanthropic efforts of an automotive company founded in Alberta in 1921. For generations, the Wolfe family have been eager to support efforts that build better communities. Presently, they believe it is their duty to give back to the same communities who have helped their business flourish for over 100 years.

How It Started

The first Wolfe Pack Warriors fundraiser happened in September 2019 when six year old Kane Wolfe required his second open heart surgery. Kane and his family raised $3,075 by selling the original Wolfe Pack Warriors t-shirts with the proceeds being donated to the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation. Since then we have continued to benefit local registered charities who align with the core values of our growing Wolfe Pack community.

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