Digital Story Co-Creation

Everyone has a story and the Wolfe Pack Warriors want to help you tell yours.
A digital story is a 3-5 minute movie that blends your voice, images you provide, and audio together.

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Digital Storytelling Process

Kristy Wolfe is a Level 1 Digital Storytelling Facilitator and has trained with Common Language DST.
When you work on your digital story, think of yourself as the director and Kristy as your editor.
To create your digital story you will work with Kristy four times over Zoom.
You can expect your project to take at least a month and a half.

  • Session #1 Find the Story - learn more about digital stories and begin to create an outline
  • Session #2 Write the Story - refine your 1st written draft (300-500 words)
  • Session #3 Create the Story - audio record you reading your story and begin organizing images
  • Session #4 Finish the Story - add in music and continue creating the video together

Photography is not included

How Can It Be Used?

Personal Story

Tell your own story about a meaningful moment in your life for personal use or to share.

  • Family occasions: births, weddings, anniversaries or lineage
  • Grief story
  • Any story that matters to you

Today - A Personal Digital Story by Kristy Wolfe

Watch an Example of an Organization's Digital Story

Non Profit or Business Story

  • Create an origin story to share how an organization came to be
  • Have leaders or team members share what their work means to them
  • Ask volunteers and supporters to outline their connection to the organization
  • Involve program participants in sharing the impact of programs and services


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